Privacy Policy

In this Privacy Policy(“Policy”) in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 of the Republic of Singapore(”PDPA”), Qxpress Pte Ltd(“Qxpress) will explain to you about the purposes for which Qxpress collects, uses and discloses your personal date. Qxpress is a logistics service provider including the domestic and international courier services and the fulfillment services on behalf of both offline and online retailers, any other client (“Clients”) to any individual who purchased goods/items from Clients (“Recipients”). Our employees, contractors, partners or other parties who are working on our half shall abide by PDPA and shall make the continuous efforts to protect your personal data. Qxpress reserves the right to amend and revise the Policy from time to time.

1. Personal Data
  • This Policy deals with the following personal date about Recipients and Clients
  • A.

    Name, NRIC or other identification number, phone & mobile number, e-mail address, pickup & delivery address, information on items that handed by Qxpress, any other information that may be reasonably required to provide our services.

  • B.

    In case Clients or Recipients will use our website or mobile applications, the cookies, IP address, any other network information.

2. Collection
  • Qxpress receive your personal date of Clients and Recipients from Clients. But Qpress may also contact Clients or Recipients via e-mail or phone to request for additional information that may be reasonably required to provide our services. In such cases, you shall be deemed to consent to the terms of this Policy.
3. Purposes of the Collection, Use and Disclosure of your personal data
  • Qxpress collect, use and disclose your personal data for the following purposes;
  • A.

    Carry and provide our services requested by Clients

  • B.

    Notification regarding to the status or the progress of any delivery order, any fulfillment order

  • C.

    Conduct our administrative and business operations, analyzing and managing commercial risks

  • D.

    Respond to any queries, complaints and feedback

  • E.

    Monitor or record phone calls and any interactive data for quality assurance, employee training, or any performance evaluation

  • F.

    Prevent, investigate crime and compliance with the laws enforced by relevant authorities including the use of CCTV surveillance and conducting security clearance

  • G.

    Process any insurance claims and payments

  • H.

    Any other purpose that may be reasonably required

4. Protection from unauthorized disclosure
  • Qxpress do not disclose your personal data to third parties except when required by law and will take reasonable actions to protect your personal date against unauthosized disclosure. Your personal date may be disclosed to the following for the purposes listed the Clause 3, subject to the provisions of any applicable law;
  • A.

    Our related corporations and employees to provide our services to you

  • B.

    Agents, contactors or third parties who provide any operational services to Qxpress to fulfill and perform the services

  • C.

    Our professional advisers such as lawyers and auditors

  • D.

    Relevant government regulators, statutory boards or authorities or law enforcement agencies to comply with any laws, rules and regulations imposed by any governmental authority

  • E.

    Any other party to whom you authorize Qxpress to disclose

5. Contacts
  • If you have any concerns or queries about the Policy, you may contact the below;

    Phone: +65-6661-9100


6. The Governing Law
  • The Policy of Qxpress shall be governed by the laws of Singapore.